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Understanding Tattoos

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

A blog about application, healing, and maintaining tattoos!

Although we all think of tattoos as permanent, technically, they are not. A combination of ingredients in tattooing pigments as well as placement in the skin, are 2 of the most important parts helping to prevent your body from breaking down and processing your tattoo. The other important part is healing your tattoo.

Everyone heals differently. We are an entire world of mutation and adaptation; it would be ignorant to think that one process will work for all. One problem with tattooing, is that it truly is a learn-as-you-go profession. This is what makes it so much fun and challenging! Only with time, trials, and errors can we have a better understanding of how our own work is being accepted in another's skin.

Accepting that we do not know all and being open to accepting critiques is a quality that I ask all those seeking for a tattoo, to find. But that also goes for Clients; as your tattoo artist, it is a part of our job to look for poor healing and neglect. When little or no care was given, it is usually evident. Please understand that yes, it is your tattoo and your body- but we are constantly seeking the right equation between our eyes, hands, and brains to suit you best. And when we are our expectation is not met, it is hard to consider the mental undertaking of our work being neglected and seen in a state we aim to prevent- regardless of how much you pay. You are our billboards, our Yelp and Google reviews. Treat yourself better, so we can follow suit!

Please feel free to share your experiences, questions, or maybe even a unique healing method to you that might help another!


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