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Finding Your Artist


My name is Karen Schaefer! Born and raised in Flemington, NJ- I've chosen to remain here, where I feel the most at home. Since an early age, 5 or 6, I have paid attention to art. Trying, learning, and doing. I have many creative outlets, but nothing as humbling or exciting as Tattooing. Being a tattoo artist was a lifelong dream for me up until 2011, when I was finally asked to apprentice. To be chosen to permanently mark your body, is something I do not take lightly; I feel that it is an honor, and want the absolute best possible outcome for you and your body. On occasion that means I will send you to another artist who I think matches your interests better than I can. But for those of you I can help, please be patient as my schedule is limited. I will always respond to everyone, so if you do not receive an email from me, please don't take it personally. Feel free to reach out through Instagram if it has been over the 2-week turn around time for emails!  

Before you book with me, please remember there are so many amazing artists these days; it's important to choose an artist whose work speaks to you. Technical and creative skills should always be valued, but I feel that a connection between artist and client is the solid foundation for your tattoo.

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