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New COVID-19 Store Policies 

No Mask - No Service 
All clients must wear a mask that properly covers the nose and mouth at all times inside the studio. No bandanas.

No "Under The Mask" Piercings
This includes nostril, septum, lip and tongue piercings until further notice. We do not know when we will be able to offer these services again. 

No Children's Ear Piercing 
Until further notice we will not be offering child ear piercing. We do not know when we will be able to offer this service again. 


No Guests Allowed
No friends, partners, spouses, family members or other guests are allowed to accompany you to your appointment. Minors can be accompanied by ONE parent or legal guardian.


Temperature Monitoring 
All clients will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Anyone reading a temperature of 99.5 Degrees or higher will have their appointment rescheduled. 

COVID-19 Waiver & Questionnaire 
All clients will be required to fill out a COVID-19 waiver and questionnaire. 

If you are sick or experiencing any symptoms of illness, been around someone who is sick or live with someone in a high-risk population, call and reschedule your appointment.

Tattoo artists reserve the right to refuse to tattoo certain areas of the body that may put them in close face-to-face contact with a client.



 If you have any questions, please email the studio at or stop by!

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